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Worldwide Shipment of Machinery

Usually after production and end testing industrial machinery is dissolved and transported in numerous wooden containers by truck, ship and train to overseas construction sites. Often these are temporarily stored at the construction site for several months before construction start. The complex and time-consuming transport in many cases takes up to 2 months. The condition of the goods is unknown until manual acceptance. If particular damages are identified at the beginning of installation only, a lot of time has passed by and subsequently the project schedule is late. Cost can increase significantly.

If you find your projects in a similar situation the Tokencube Transport Monitoring System can help you out: It provides continuous transport condition monitoring and you will have a full documentation of your machinery shipments.

Fully automatically the system measures occurring forces such as mechanical shock and forces, tilt and tilt angles, as well as climate parameters (temperature, barometric pressure, humidity) over the entire transport, as well as the entire storage period until the start of installation. In a few simple steps autonomous radio sensors and data loggers can be mounted on the packages and machine parts.

The data loggers transmit data to a central backend. Instantly all measured data are captured. The easy-to-use web platform generates reports and views for any stage of the transport. Alarms are reported immediately. At times without wireless connection data (such as on the sea) is logged and uploaded when the network in the next harbour is available.

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