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Best Practice of pharmacy delivery

Aktualisiert: 19. März 2023

Let's assume the following example: A specialist for pharmaceutical logistics needs to distribute drugs from the central stroage all over the country and he needs to document that the required transport classes have been met on the last mile. Currently he has no proof of quality. Actually nobody knows what is going on on the last mile on a hot summer's day. This is a typical situation that can be solved by the "Tokencube Pharma Logistics Monitoring System".

The system consists of battery-powered wireless sensors ("Tokencube sensors") that measure temperature, humidity, shocks and movements permanently. They are mounted in the delivery vehicle or on the goods packages. Furthermore, it consists of radio modules ("Tokencube delivery tracker"), which transmit the collected data via the LTE mobile network to the Internet on a server where the data is managed in a database. These can be mounted in the delivery vehicle easily. And finally, the whole system can be controlled by a webbased user interface. On this UI the customer sees the tracks and conditions of his deliveries all over the country.

In this particular use case 200 vehicles of a pharmacy delivery service can be equipped with a mobile surveillance system in order to proof the transport conditions are fine at any point of time. All data are availabe from the user interface as quality reports.

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